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About Vistage Group Leader
Phil Glosserman

Phil is a business and executive coach with over 17 years of experience. He is the published author of two business books, and has coached hundreds of professionals in a variety of industries. He runs two Vistage peer advisory boards for CEOs and business owners in Los Angeles, CA.

In addition to my work as an executive coach, I have joined forces with Vistage International to build and run business peer advisory boards in Los Angeles, CA.

What is a Vistage Peer Advisory Board?

A peer advisory board is a group of 12-16 successful non-competing CEOs and business owners who meet monthly in a confidential forum to work on each other’s biggest challenges and opportunities. The members advise, challenge, and learn from each other and hold each other accountable. They bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and perspectives from their individual backgrounds. Vistage is the world’s leading organization of peer advisory boards, with over 21,000 members in 17 countries.

Recent studies on Vistage showed these amazing results:

  • A 2015 Dun and Bradstreet survey showed that Vistage members’ companies experienced an annual growth rate 3 times greater than average US companies.
  • Vistage members regularly report they have learned to work fewer hours, run their companies more efficiently and effectively, and get more of what they want in business and  life.


About Phil’s Vistage Group

My Vistage advisory board is a powerful forum for leaders to help each other get smarter, make better decisions, and become more effective leaders. In addition to the monthly group meetings, I meet monthly with each member for one-on-one executive coaching. No fluff, just real issues and real results.

In our meetings, powerful things happen:

  • Members discuss and resolve their most critical issues.
  • They generate ideas, strategies, and actions.
  • Members support and challenge each other and hold one another accountable.

As a result, they operate at a higher level of performance and their companies become more profitable.

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Why Join Vistage?

What Phil’s Members Say

“I’ve been a member of Phil Glosserman’s Vistage group for over a year. There was initially a vague sense of promise that Vistage would help my business. Now, it is no longer vague. It is quite concrete: the group has become my de facto trusted board of advisors. It is extremely valuable (and rare) to get unbiased advice and learn from other smart, experienced leaders who are not stakeholders in my business and have no ulterior motives. In our group, the only agenda is to support each other in becoming more successful. Because of Vistage, I’m making better decisions, my team is more aligned and productive, and the business is more successful.”
– Chris Haydel, Founder/Owner, Haydel Biel & Associates, Financial Planning and Wealth Management

“It’s easy see other people’s limitations, but one of the hardest things to see is ourselves. As a CEO, there is no one above me to point out what I am doing wrong and how to fix it. Working with Phil and our Vistage group has enabled me to better understand my limitations and helped me get out of the way of my company’s success.”
– Orr Ben-Zvy, CEO, Simple Compounding Goods

“Vistage provides an experience of sharing resources and strategies. Having diverse business owners in one group provides a variety of perspectives when anyone brings any type of issue to discuss. We can all relate to a similar situation that has happened, is happening, or could happen to our own business. I have implemented so many positive changes and received great results in my business since my first meeting. I have became more confident and inspirational in leading my business, which was one of the main reasons I joined Phil’s Vistage group. It has been over a year now and I still gain something valuable or take advice each time I meet with Phil or my group.”
– Iris Chen, CEO, Flexogenix

“Vistage has been a unique experience for me, where I can collaborate with intelligent leaders who have considerable experience and advice to offer on a variety of business issues. It is extremely helpful to have a group where we support each other’s success, but have no personal vested interest in a particular outcome and can provide raw, unfiltered, input on each other’s issues and opportunities. My Vistage group is an invaluable resource for me and my business.”
– Aaron Belliston, President, BMR Enterprises, Real Estate Development


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