The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Salespeople

used car salesmanIn coaching and training hundreds of sales people and other professionals, I’ve identified 7 harmful habits that hold people back in their business-development efforts and kill sales. Warning: Having even one of these habits is a roadblock to achieving your potential in business. Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. Verbal diarrhea – They spew out their offer, knowledge, or qualifications, leaving the buyer feeling un-listened to. It’s not about you–it’s about the person in front of you. Stop talking and listen.
  2. OAD (Objection Avoidance Disorder) – They avoid objections because they erroneously believe they’re a sign of losing the sale. Always flush up and handle objections, or else you’ll flush down opportunities.
  3. Referral Deferral – They hope business referrals will fall from the sky and drop into their lap, rather than asking for them directly. Ask your satisfied clients and customers for referrals.
  4. Deal Blindness – They’re so focused on the deal at hand, that they slow down or skip prospecting. Pace yourself to close deals while continuing to create possibilities for future ones.
  5. Preparation Deprivation – They fail to prepare adequately for meetings. These days, anyone who doesn’t use the Internet and other available sources to find out everything about prospects and their companies is just plain sloppy, or lazy. Before every meeting, investigate your buyer, prepare your materials and questions, and put yourself in a positive, powerful, proactive state of mind.
  6. Assumption Dysfunction – They assume their buyer’s wants, needs, and pain-points, rather than taking the time and care to find out. Most people resent being told what they want, need, or should do. Ask questions, listen for the need, and fill it.
  7. Close-aphobia – They don’t know how or when to close, so they just keep talking or meeting, thinking that the sale will close itself. Recognize when to close, ask a closing question, shut up, and wait for a response.

There you have it: The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Salespeople. If you want to master the art of influence and cultivate highly effective habits for bringing in business, check out my book, Sell the Feeling: The 6-Step System that Drives people to Do Business with You.