Sell the Feeling

No matter what business you’re in, people buy based on feelings. And they decide whom to do business with based on feelings.

Sell the Feeling is a 6-step sales process that evokes the feelings that drive people to do business with you. The Sell the Feeling system is structured process for moving through the sale—from start to closing—in a way that systematically creates rapport, uncovers needs, builds excitement, and lets you know where you are with your buyer every step of the way. It is designed for use in any business, from mom-and-pop retail sales to high-end sophisticated services.

“What a phenomenal system! Sell the Feeling is a MUST for any individual or organization seeking to improve their sales and client relationships. In the first year after introducing the system, we grew our gross sales 35%–in a down market! Our individual mortgage loan officers who use the system religiously have increased their sales between 40% and over 200%. Don’t miss this book.” –Brett Dillenberg, Managing Partner, RPM Mortgage, Inc. 

Sell the Feeling lays out a simple 6-Step system that will drive more people to do business with you. Whether you call yourself a salesperson, a business owner, or a professional, you will learn how to:

  • Trigger the three feelings that lead people to do business with you
  • Create trust instantly and make selling a positive experience
  • Ask questions that bond your prospect to you and your offer
  • Close masterfully and handle the only 4 possible objections
  • Master your buyers’ psychology and your own “inner game” of selling

STFCoverThumbAngledSmallThe book is available through the major online booksellers.