In his first year as a residential real estate agent, Erik did one transaction. He had devoted a lot of time and energy networking–he became president of a local referral group and joined several chambers of commerce. He was extremely busy with his various networking activities, but had no solid system for contacting and following up with sales leads and prospects. At the end of his first year, Erik hired me to help him grow his business.

In our first month of coaching, we established sales prospecting strategy and a weekly schedule. We organized his time and got him focused on the fundamentals. When I began coaching Erik, his most optimistic goal for the entire year was to do 12 transactions and $5 million in sales. Within three months of beginning coaching, Erik generated $4 million in sales and by the end of the year he had done 24 transactions, which amounted to over $12 million in sales. In that year, he went from being the lowest ranked agent in his company to number one. Within 18 months of beginning our coaching, Erik was ranked in the top quarter of one percent of agents in the country, measured by sales.

In our coaching, we focused on specific business growth strategies and ways for Erik to leverage his time. One of the growth strategies was for Erik to focus the majority of his effort and marketing on a new development in Marina del Rey and become known as the specialist in that area. His efforts have paid off. Erik has consistently been the top-performing agent in his company and is now branching out and engaging the assistance of other agents to sell multiple units in condo complexes.

Erik is my longest-standing client. Despite his great success, Erik is always looking to improve and he finds that coaching keeps him on top of his game and accountable for his actions. We continue to work on strategies to improve his business and the management of his back office.