Jack is a young entrepreneur who owns a company that wholesales electronic components to repair facilities. When we began working together, his company was about a year old. Jack told me that he suffered from ADHD and he was constantly stressed out and severely challenged in managing the various aspects of his business. He said his level confidence level was a “2 out of 10.” Even though his company did $1.5 M in sales the first year, Jack took home only $60K. There were only 2 employees, and Jack handled sales, customer service, and just about everything else.

I coached Jack to break through some of his mental and emotional blockers, define his role as an executive, strategize his business growth, and increase his own compensation. Over the course of 10 months, he hired 6 new employees, tightened up his operations, moved to a larger facility, took his customer ordering process online, started a new business line, and opened an office in China. During that period, he grew his sales to $4M and increased his own compensation to $200K. He has become much more strategic and focused and now reports that his confidence level is at “a 9.” Though Jack still feels he has a long way to go, his progress has been remarkable.