Matt is a successful partner/producer with a large national commercial insurance broker. When we began coaching, his client base was growing, but he was becoming frustrated with the up-and-down routine of chasing deal after deal. He wanted to take his production to a much higher level in a way that was scalable. It was important to Matt to preserve time for his family and himself. He wanted to grow his business in a more efficient manner that would provide balance and still allow him to double or triple his client base.

In our coaching, we brainstormed ways he could grow his business and leverage his time and energy. At the time, Matt was working with several clients in the credit union industry. He saw an opportunity to develop this line of business further, become an industry expert, and play on a national level.

We worked extensively to define, refine, and implement a strategy to enhance his relationships with key credit union organizations and have them recommend his services to hundreds of local credit unions. Matt developed and now leads the national credit union practice within his company. By utilizing his key strategic alliances he has developed programs that will reach out to approximately 20% of all credit unions nationwide.

Over the past 18 months, Matt’s credit union practice has experienced 75% revenue growth and 150% growth in credit union clients. In our coaching, we continue to hone a strategic approach that provides direction and sustained growth for his business over the next 5 to 10+ years.