Philip heads up a small residential mortgage group. He brought me in to enhance the group’s teamwork and performance. At our first meeting, I asked the group if they felt they functioned as a unified collaborative team, or as isolated individuals each doing their own job. The response was unanimous—they did not view themselves as a team. In that first meeting, we uncovered several communication and workflow issues. By the end of the first meeting they had aligned over common goals and brainstormed solutions to several of their most pressing issues. We continued our coaching meetings, and over the next several months the group went through an amazing transformation. Their energy, communication, and workflow improved. They created and implemented more efficient systems and their monthly deal-flow grew. And they started having fun. During one of our coaching meetings, the team set an aggressive performance goal: by year’s end they wanted to create enough business to generate 20% more commission fees than in previous year . This was a very ambitious goal, because the Southern California real estate market had started to tank and many mortgage brokers were struggling just to stay afloat. Through our coaching, the team banded together and created a powerful mindset and several strategies for bringing in more business. In all my years of coaching, I have never seen a team so ignited and aligned. They closed their final loan 3 days before the end of the year. When the calculations were done, they discovered that they achieved their goal. The fees they generated 20.03% higher than the previous year. They squeaked by their goal by three hundredths of a percent. Such is the power of an aligned team working toward a common goal!