I sought out coaching to get an independent view of my business, develop new ideas to improve it, force regular examination of issues, and to have a human accountability presence. Phil has helped me helped me grow both professionally and personally at a rapid pace. He’s a great listener, an insightful analyst, and experienced coach.

Through our work together, I transformed and professionalized my business. In the two years we’ve coached, my company generated the highest profit increase in over 40 years of business. This year, I sold the business for a price I could not have imagined even a year ago. I largely attribute the growth and sale to the ideas and commitments I made with Phil. Being held accountable and following through on those commitments was instrumental in building our success.

I highly recommend Phil as a business coach – he listens, he cares, he helps, and he makes you better!
-Brad Avrit, CEO, Wexco International, Inc.

Technology Sales

I contacted Phil when I started a new sales job at an advanced technology company. I had to deal with larger and more complex accounts than I had ever sold to.  I was looking to get some help navigating within the new industry, and deal with some of my own confidence and organizational issues.  Phil provided me with the tools I needed to help see the bigger picture, along with advice on small, incremental changes to my daily activity to make me more productive.  His advice helped me enhance personal interactions to better build client rapport and camaraderie with my colleagues.

I ended up having an amazing year at my job (233% to my annual sales quota; won an award as a global top seller), and I owe much of my success to Phil and the tools and advice he provided.  He helped in changing my mindset towards one that is more confident and motivated. I was able to push past my own mental hurdles, and I feel like my success is a testament to the benefits his coaching.
– Christopher M.

eCommerce CEO

I hired Phil as my coach to help me grow business and to help me deal with ongoing leadership challenges of running a fast-paced, competitive e-commerce business. Working with Phil has helped me and my business grow in so many ways.  He has helped me make short- and long-term plans and held me accountable. Over the past three years we’ve experienced over 150% revenue growth and I’ve become a better, more engaged leader. Phil is an excellent listener with great perspective and he’s never afraid to challenge me. Our coaching has been a major win for my company and for me personally.
Uri Thatcher, CEO TouchUp Direct

Real Estate Agent

“Phil Glosserman helped take me from one of the lowest-ranking performers in my company to number one in just 14 months. He got me focused on the fundamental strategies and actions I needed to grow my business and held me accountable for sticking to my plan. When I first started working with Phil, he asked me what my most ambitious sales goal was for the next year. Through our work together, my sales exploded. I attained 75% of my highest expectations for the ENTIRE YEAR’S sales in just three months. When the year was up, I had exceeded my original goal by over 100%! Three years later, I’m still the number one agent in my company and am ranked in the top quarter of a percent of agents in the country.”
—Erik Flexner, The Flexner Group, Lots Angeles, CA

Mortgage Broker

“I’ve worked with a number of great coaches over the years. What separates Phil Glosserman from the rest of the pack is the way he digs in to find out what’s really going on in my business and with my team and then tailors the coaching to address our specific challenges and goals. Phil has done wonders with aligning our team, improving our systems and workflow, and helping us grow the business. As a result of our work together, the entire team is “on-fire.” In the first year of coaching, we grew our mortgage business revenue over 20%- no small feat, considering it was one of the worst real estate and refinancing markets in recent history.”
—Philip Tirone, President, The Mortgage Equity Group and author of 7 Steps to 720: Seven Steps to the Ideal Credit Score

Financial Adviser

“Phil’s coaching has empowered me to focus on my business in a way I only dreamed was possible. He has helped me develop a disciplined system to grow my business by maximizing and expanding my network of business resources and referrals. Our coaching was instrumental in helping me land a 42 million dollar account—the largest of my career. The results of coaching with Phil have been measurable and profound.”
—Cary Biren, Financial Advisor

Investment Banker

“Coaching with Phil Glosserman exceeded my highest expectations. When we started coaching, I was an executive investment banker in one of the country’s leading financial institutions. Though I was very successful and highly compensated, I was chronically stressed, anxious, and on the verge of burnout. Worst of all I couldn’t see a way out—I believed work would always be a struggle for me, regardless of the job or company I worked for. Phil helped me get beyond that limiting belief and identify what I really wanted next in my career. He helped me get ‘out of my head’ and into action. Over the next several months I interviewed with several companies, looking not just for a good position, but for one that was right for me. Through working with Phil, I have made meaningful, positive changes in my career and my life. I moved out of a restrictive work environment into a new role that fully utilizes my skills and is aligned with my strengths and ambitions. Without Phil’s coaching, I might still be ‘spinning my wheels’ in frustration. I recognize and am looking forward to the breadth of opportunities ahead.”
—Matt L., Investment Banker


“I hired Phil to help me improve the performance of the firm, which involved many different areas including marketing and managing people.  Since I started working with Phil we have tripled our revenue and doubled our staff and Phil has been an integral part of this.  As a CPA, I have had many challenges managing people and understanding how to get the most from people, and Phil has been very helpful in these areas.  I don’t know where I would be without his help over the years. I highly recommend him.”
—Dave P, Accountant


I’ve been working with Phil Glosserman for close to three years and I find our coaching sessions invaluable. As a physician, professor, program director, author, consultant, father, and husband, I am constantly being pulled in multiple directions. I hired Phil as an executive leadership coach to help me become more effective at managing my many roles. Through our coaching, I have made significant progress in setting priorities, managing my time, and focusing on what’s most important in my work and my life. Phil has been instrumental in helping me become a more effective leader, manager, and decision-maker. As an example, he helped me apply for and win a $125,000 grant to publicize and advocate for my area of specialization, Palliative Medicine. Phil is a great sounding board for many of my difficult issues and decisions. I look forward to our coaching sessions as a strategic time to think, plan and problem-solve. I can say without reservation that coaching with Phil is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business and myself.
—Steven Z. Pantilat, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Chief of Palliative Care Division, University of California San Francisco